Tea Tree blackhead removal strips

I know, I know, the title doesn’t sound appealing, however if you have blackheads on your nose then you want to continue reading!

I’ve not had to deal with blackheads up until now. Over the past few months, they’ve started to make an appearance so it was time to do something about them.

I was shopping on boohoo one day and when shopping in the accessories section, I saw a pack of blackhead removal strips. I bought them as I needed them anyway and I knew that I wanted strips rather than a facial scrub for them.

The brand is called Pretty. I had not heard of it before but as it was cheap (think it was a couple of pounds), I thought there was no harm in trying it.

Tea tree blackhead remover

The strips are easy to use and there are clear instructions at the back of the box – with pictures too! Your face needs to be clear and your nose area has to be slightly wet for the strip to go on. Once you apply it, leave on for 15 minutes and remove (this wasn’t fun!).

Blackhead remover instructions

Does it work?

It certainly does! I was actually quite surprised as I didn’t know what to expect but to see most of my blackheads removed from just one strip, I was pretty pleased!

I have to warn you though, it does hurt when you remove the strip from your nose, so keep an eye on the time and don’t leave the strip on for longer than 15 minutes.

i could still feel the affects of the strips a few days later as my nose area felt tight, but this went after a few days.

I’ll be trying my 2nd strip in a couple of days time to remove the remaining blackheads.

Have you heard of this brand and have you tried any of their products? I’ll definitely be looking into their other skincare range.

Have a good week!