Boohoo floral patch bag

Hey guys,

How were your weekends? Mine was super busy as I was out shopping for various things on both days!

As I’ve been shopping so much lately, I thought I’d share something That I fell in love with and had to buy straightaway. Well, I’ve actually bought two of the same item as I couldn’t decide which colour to get.

Without further ado, I introduce to you the Boohoo floral patch bag:

Boohoo floral patch bag

How gorgeous are these bags?? I seriously cannot get over them – they’re just beautiful.

I can’t remember where I first saw this bag. It may have been on Boohoo’s instagram account, but all I know it was love at first sight.

I bought both bags that very evening and a few days later, I received my delivery. I actually ordered other items too such as dresses and tops, but they didn’t fit right unfortunately.

How much is the bag?

The floral patch bag is priced at £18 – yup, you read that right! I bought it directly from the Boohoo site and as mentioned before, I received it a few days after making the order which isn’t bad. It still annoys me that Boohoo still charge for delivery but here’s hoping that changes one day!

Both bags are denim material but as one of them is black, it’s not as obvious but it is the same material as the denim one.

Currently I’ve only got the picture above, so I will update this blog with more pictures so you can see it from all angles.

Final thoughts

I posted this particular picture on my Instagram and immediately saw a number of likes on it, so it seems a lot of people agree on the prettiness of this bag! It also helps that floral is one of the trends this season too, which will make it the perfect accessory over the coming months 😉

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Have a good week ahead!

Zobi, xx