Makeup Revolution storage box

Makeup Revolution product swatches

Hey all,

How’s your weekends going? Sorry for the delay in a new blog post. For this blog post I needed to do a lot of swatches and the only time I can swatch is during the day which means I only have weekends to do this as I’m at work during the week (boo!). The first few weekends of the year have been quite busy too, so here we are already into the 2nd month of the year!

The blog is finally up though and it’s lots of swatches of the products in the Makeup Revolution storage box I bought during Black Friday. In that blog I showed everything that was included in the storage box but didn’t show swatches or review the products as I didn’t get a chance at the time (plus the blog would have been super long!), but in this blog I’ll be doing just that so let’s get right into it!


You get 3 packs of lipglosses in the storage box. A red set, nude set and a purple set so in total you have 9 colours to choose from – very generous! Below are pictures of the swatches in taken in flash and no flash:

Red set


Nude set

Purple set


The whole collection

I  tested out one of the lipglosses in the red set and they’re really pigmented. It felt strange wearing a coloured gloss as I’m so used to wearing mattes now!

When I first applied the lipgloss, the texture of it felt sticky which I wasn’t too pleased about but after I applied the whole gloss, the stickiness went and I was left with a smooth lipgloss which I was happy about! The colour last a few hours too which is really good for a lipgloss as they usually don’t last as long or you find the gloss disappears and you’re just left with the colour. I didn’t have this issue with these lipglosses thankfully.

The colours are gorgeous too! The nudes are too light for me though, but I’ll probably mix it with another colour to create a new shade!

Ultimate Favourites

No flash vs flash

I was quite disappointed with the eyeshadow set. I’ve previously spoken about a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow set I got a while ago and if I compare that to this one, this one is disappointing. As you can tell from the pictures, the colours are really not pigmented and you would have to apply the colour a few times for the shade to show up.

Duo sculpt

Flash vs non flash


I quite liked the duo sculpt as the colours were quite pigmented and the lighter colour can easily be used as a highlighter underneath the brow bone – or even a starting point before you use a highlighter. I really like this and it’s a really good size too!

HD Pro strobe

Flash vs no flash


I wasn’t expecting much from these colours but they actually came out really good and I’m really excited to use this for a bit of strobing – highlighting too!

Pro blend sponge

Pro blend sponge

I was actually quite impressed with the Makeup Revolution pro blend sponge. It is super soft. It’s a lot smaller than the Real Technique beauty blender but it would be good to use for contouring specific parts of your face.

Ultra Contour palette

No flash vs flash on the right

In the contour kit you get 6 shades and 2 highlighters. As you can tell from the swatches, the colours are quite light for my skin tone so if I was to use this, I would have to use a lot of the product for the shade to show up. The highlighter wasn’t as bad though but one use of it won’t be enough.

Peach lights highlighter

 Flash vs non flash

A huge highlighter also comes in this makeup storage box! Exciting times! Now I can over do it with the highlighter and I don’t need to feel bad about wasting away 😉 As you can tell from the pictures the highlighter looks good with flash and without any flash.

Ultra face base primer

Primers are a great starting point when applying makeup as it helps keep your makeup on for longer,  so this was a nice added touch that was also included inside the box. It’s a full size bottle too which will last a while as you don’t need to put much on when applying makeup.

Brow kit

No flash on the left and flash on the right

A good set of colours here to work magic on your brows. Most of the colours are too light for my eyebrows though as mine are black, but it’s still a good set to fill in areas of your brows. I don’t really fill my eyebrows as they’re quite thick and in shape anyway but I’ll certainly use the highlighters for my brow bone.

Brush set

These brushes are amazing! They’re so soft and look how pretty they are! They’re limited edition too which is also a nice touch.

You get 9 brushes which cover face application and eye makeup application too. I was really impressed with them and can’t wait to use all the brushes. I’ll definitely be using these on a regular basis 🙂

Highlighter, strobing and duo sculpt

I took a couple of pictures of the highlighter, duo sculpt and strobing kit so you can see the difference in pigmentation in all the different products.

No flash vs flash

Final thoughts

So there we have it! A full swatch of the Makeup Revolution storage box! As I mentioned in the previous blog, this storage box is really worth the money (I paid £50). I probably won’t be using all the colours that are included in the different products as some are just too light for my skin tone but there are some nice products in the box such as the lipglosses and the makeup brushes.

Whole makeup revolution text

I’m going on holiday next month and I’ll definitely be taking this box with me as it includes everything you need to glam yourself up.

What’s coming up next

In the next blog I’ll be talking about a unique makeup sponge – although it’s not really a sponge! Keep an eye out on that post to find out what it really is 😉

Zobi xx