Makeup Revolution makeup storage box

Hi all,

How’s the new year going for you all?

Nothing has changed much for me apart from spending a lot of time working out at the gym – but then again, who isn’t?? I just hope the habit sticks!

Anyway, on to the first blog post of the year!

During Black Friday I bought a Makeup Revolution storage box. I know, I know, Black Friday was a couple of months ago and I should feel bad talking about my purchase now – don’t worry I am!

Makeup Revolution storage box

The makeup storage box also came with lots of makeup included inside. It was so exciting to open each box to see the variety of makeup given with this makeup box. Today I’ll be going through the storage box and letting you know what’s included inside. Please note this isn’t a review as I haven’t had a chance to test out the makeup yet.

What is the Makeup Revolution storage box? 

Well, the name gives it away really! It’s a storage box with lots of compartments inside that includes makeup in all the boxes. Talk about getting 2 for the price of 1!

What’s included inside the box? 

You, of course, get the storage box which includes 12 drawers. You can add your own labels to each drawer so you’re not limited to a specific drawer which is really good. You also get:

1x Ultimate Favourites

1x duo sculpt

1x HD Pro strobe

1x Pro blend sponge

1x trio lipstick Amplification red

1x Ultra Contour palette

1x Peach lights highlighter

1x Ultra face base primer

1x Trio lipstick Amplification nude

1x Brow kit

1x Trio lipstick Amplification ultra Vamp

1x 9 piece brush set

Makeup Revolution brushes

And here’s everything in picture format:

Makeup Revolution storage box makeup

I was going to add pictures of everything individually but it makes more sense to add it in the review blog so do keep an eye out on that!

I was impressed with the way all the products were packaged. Not only were they wrapped in bubble wrap but there was also some decoration paper in there too. None of the two were needed but it was a nice touch! This is how they look:

Unboxing Makeup Revolution storage box Unboxing Makeup Revolution storage box

Unboxing Makeup Revolution storage box

How much is it for? 

I got a real bargain with this! I bought the storage box from Superdrug just after Black Friday weekend and it was £50. The original price was £100! I can’t believe I got it for half the price – amazing! As you would expect, it kept going out of stock over Black Friday weekend but I set up an alert on the Superdrug site to let me know when it was back in. The first couple of times I would go on the site after receiving the alert, the storage box would already be out of stock! I eventually got lucky and quickly made the purchase 😛

I did an in-store pick up, so I was able to pick up the box within a couple of days! It’s quite a heavy box though so I would recommend going straight home after picking up the box – unless you want to work out the muscles on your arms 😉

Who should buy the Makeup Revolution storage box?

This kit is good for anyone who has an interest in makeup. It’s a good set for beginners who want to learn about makeup as it includes a bit of everything from lipsticks to eyeshadows to highlighters etc. The makeup and brushes included are enough for beginners to experiment with makeup.

But at the same time, this kit is good for those who want to build up their makeup collection. There is such a variety of makeup in here and it’s of really good quality. You may have seen Makeup Revolution makeup and not given it a second look because it’s quite cheap and this may put you off as you may think it might not be good, but I can assure you the products are actually really good! I was pleasantly surprised when I started looking into the makeup.

Final thoughts 

Now what can I say about a storage box that includes so much makeup and makeup brushes and with a price tag like that?! It’s an absolutely amazing offer with a great range of products included inside the box. This storage box is a real bargain.

As I said earlier, this isn’t a review of the makeup as I haven’t tested them out yet, but I have a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow set and it was my favourite eyeshadow kit until I bought the Morphe multi-colour eyeshadow palette. Makeup Revolution products may be cheap but the quality of them is really good so they are definitely worth buying and testing out for yourself.

I’ll write up another post once I’ve had a play with the makeup and brushes.

Also, this storage box was £80 when I saw it in-store a couple of weeks ago. Definitely worth the purchase as you can utilise the storage box with all your other makeup.

Happy days!

Zobi, xx