Hi all,

Hope you’re having good weekends! Is it snowing where you are? It’s been snowing where I am but very lightly.

As mentioned in my last blog, my next blog was going to be a review on a makeup sponge. This isn’t no ordinary spinge though; this is a Sili Sponge.

What is it?

A Sili Sponge is a silicone sponge that has recently made an appearance in the beauty industry as an alternative to a makeup brush or even a beauty blender.

It is clear and is about the same size as a beauty blender, but it’s a completely different experience to using a beauty blender or brush.

As it’s made of silicone, it feels quite weird applying makeup with it – it’s definitely something you have to get used to!

As you can tell from the picture above, it’s quite bendy but not as much as the beauty blender so will be difficult to get to smaller areas such as around your eyes.

Where’s it from?

My sister-in-law’s sister bought this from a company in Hong Kong called Molly Cosmetics. They had an offer at the time where you could buy 2 for $20. It is currently $9.90 on their site. She found out about the company on Instagram and had to wait about 2 months (yes, really!) for the sponge to arrive.

As she gave one to her sister, she was kind enough to let me try it out before she started using it.

Is it any good?

So let’s put this in a list order and talk about the pros and cons:


  • Hygienic – it is so easy to clean! All you need is soap and water and takes less than 30 seconds to clean
  • Less product used – unlike a beauty blender, the Sili Sponge doesn’t soak in the product so you don’t need use as much
  • More appealing – because it has a cleaner look! I have a couple of beauty blenders and I haven’t got them to look as good as they first did when I first bought them as they’re so hard to clean. As the Sili Sponge is so easy to clean, it looks way more appealing


  • Not a smooth finish – I found that after applying foundation (liquid) and blending it in, my skin didn’t look smooth and I felt like I had to use a foundation brush or beauty blender to go over it
  • Takes longer to get your completed look – this is similar to the above. As you’re having to use another product on top of this to get your final look, you’re spending more time applying your makeup – not good if you’re in a hurry!

Sili Sponge vs normal brushes

Final thoughts

So, this is a great product for those who are very hygienic as it’s so easy to clean and good as you use less makeup when using the Sili Sponge. However, to get a flawless finish, I found I had to use another product just to give me a smooth finish. If you go on the site itself, even they mention using a brush after for a smoother finish so at least they’re honest about it!

I won’t be buying the Sponge but glad I got a chance to try it out. Have you got the sponge or thinking about buying one?

Zobi, xx